Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast & Worship

shrovetuesJoin us in this time-honored event on Shrove Tuesday, March 4 at 5:30 pm for pancakes at Big Pine Community United Methodist Church. Dinner will be a free-will donation with any proceeds going to support ministry in the Eastern Sierra mission area. After delicious pancakes, we will gather for Worship together.  If you are wondering why we are gathering to eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday click below to learn more.

The term Shrove (also known as Shrovetide) comes from the word “shrive” — meaning to confess. Early Christians sought to obtain absolution from their sins by confession and doing penance. Therefore, giving up the foods that gave them pleasure such as eggs, meat, sugar and milk before the fasting period of Lent was their “penance.” Historically, pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent as a way to use up those rich foods. Liturgical fasting emphasized eating plainer foods and refraining from those that would give pleasure. For example, many people give up chocolate for Lent as it is a food that brings pleasure. In many cultures, pleasure foods are meat, dairy products or eggs and, thus, those are not eaten during Lent.