Bible Study

Starting the week of October 8, we will have a four-week long “covenant group” that will use Chris Folmsbee’s book, The Wesley Challenge: 21 Days to a More Authentic Faith, as a resource for asking deep questions and growing in our faith. This study will inspire us to make discipleship a habit with the use of daily spiritual disciplines, as we grow in love of God, self, and others, and meet together to encourage and support one another along the way. Sessions will also include videos by the author to enhance our discussion.


When was the last time you spoke with someone about your faith? While still a student, John Wesley met with his brother Charles and others at the University of Oxford to ask each other one question: “How goes it with your soul?” Over time, that question grew into a series of 21 questions that they used to assess their discipleship in relation to God, self, and others. This process of small group accountability, known as “covenant groups” or “class meetings,” was so important to the Wesley brothers that they became essential to the Methodist movement. This is the foundation for Folmsbee’s study.
Classes will meet on Tuesdays at Noon in the Bishop Adult Lounge, Tuesdays at 5:30 pm in the Big Pine Library, and Thursdays at Noon in the Independence Social Hall. If you are interested in participating but the schedule doesn’t work for you, please let us know. It may be possible to schedule an additional meeting.
The book is available for $11 each in the Church Office (or online as an e-book), and it is required for this class. However, scholarships are available, if needed.